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About Me

About Me

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Matt Beardsley,

Based in Oakland, California, USA

Hi, I'm Matt!  I am a freelance cinematographer based in the San Francisco, California area.  I specialize in smooth camera movement – whether with gimbal, dolly tracks, hand held, underwater, from a helicopter, or by drone.

I am the arial cinematographer for Pacific Coast Gimbals, providing high-end aerial capture with our GSS system.

I have been using drones extensively in my work since before they were called drones and we had to make them ourselves. These days, I use a variety of heavy lift, FPV, and compact aerial platforms to fit any production.

I produce and direct a number of projects each year, including both commercial and documentary video.

Me as a person?  I have a large family I love bunches, play the piano at my church in Oakland, and love long-distance swimming.  I have a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and an MFA in Commercial Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and have been working in cinematography and video production for 16 years.

For stock footage, visit my profile on Filmsupply

Thanks for stopping by.  Please connect via any of the social media platforms linked below.  Enjoy!

Matt Beardsley

Contact me -

A partial list of the creative tools I own and operate


Red DSMC2 Helium

Red Komodo (x2)

Angenieux 25-250mm

Canon 50-1000mm

Canon CN-E cine primes

Fujinon MK-R cine zooms

Laowa ultra wide lens kit

Sony Alpha 1 + E lens kit

Canon EOS R5 + RF lens kit


Aerial Cinematography

Freefly Systems Alta X

DJI Inspire 3 / X9

Sony Airpeak S1 / Alpha 1

DJI Inspire 2 / X7

CMW MSM FPV / Red Komodo (x2)

Whoop Lifter FPV / Red Komodo

DJI Mavic 3 Cine



Camera Movement

GSS Cinema Mini 512 EX Gen2

Freefly Systems Movi Pro

Aquatica underwater housing

Aquatica 8" glass dome

Gremsy Zion Arm Car Mount

Peovi Komodo Mount

Movi Pro RC Custom RC Car

Vaxis long-range wireless video

Behind the Scenes

Filming Air-to-Air over San Francisco, and an Outrageous New Gimbal
Filming Air-to-Air over San Francisco, and an Outrageous New Gimbal
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Filming Air-to-Air over San Francisco, and an Outrageous New Gimbal

Filming TRI, Behind the Scenes
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Filming TRI, Behind the Scenes

Filming San Francisco from a Helicopter
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Filming San Francisco from a Helicopter

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